In this presentation by Susie Schaefer, The Indie Publisher for Thought Leaders and Founder of Finish the Book Publishing, you’ll learn how to utilize Amazon & Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to propel your book to Best Seller status in a few short steps. Increasing your book rankings will help you build a platform, sell more books and draw attention to your business and your brand. In this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between keyword and categories

  • How to hone your Amazon categories to increase rankings

  • What Author Central is and how to look like a pro

  • Which keywords to use and how to find them

  • Why KDP Select is a great tool for marketing

  • What makes a book an “Amazon Best Seller”

  • Where to find promos to run your campaign

  • How to read & decipher your post-campaign reports

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