There's no denying that live-streaming has changed the way we communicate, connect and market our businesses. And in 2020 and beyond the name of the online game is...attention! If you're not visible and relevant to your online audience you'll fade to black. In this cannot miss session, award winning online marketing consultant and live-streamer, Vanessa Cabrera will give you of 3 simple things to include in your promotional plan to assure your audience will show up to watch you show out on LIVE on Facebook.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • what’s changed on the platform in the last year

  • three 2020 promotional trends experts are using to increase attendance on their Facebook LIVE broadcasts

Course curriculum

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    1. Increase Your Online Visibility in 2020 Using Facebook LIVE!

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    4. 16 Ways to Use Facebook Live to Market Your Business

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