There are roughly 3 billion social media users in the world – with someone creating a new account approximately every 10 seconds. As more and more people integrate social media into their everyday lives and use the content they experience to influence important decisions they make, it’s becoming critical for organizations to have a presence on social media that connects with participants in a meaningful way.

We will look at what organizations with an established social media presence are able to accomplish, how they calculate their ROI, and what techniques they use successfully.

The webinar will also look at:

  • the basics of assessing your market and creating content that is meaningful to your audience

  • what a business can do with a low (or non-existent) budget, limited time and resources

  • the best way to get your entire organization – not just your marketing department – helping your organization stand out on social media

Course curriculum

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    1. Move Your Social Media Presence from Passive to Active

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