Social media professionals often feel like they're working on the front lines of a digital battlefield. Without warning, they have to be prepared to respond to waves of negative comments made about coworkers, their organization, and themselves. They often have to "manage up" and provide advice to leaders in the organization...or recover from mistakes leaders in the organization have made because they didn't ask them for advice in the first place. Social media professionals today are even sometimes invited into the cancel culture attacks and have to carefully decide how to engage. There are business, ethical, and personal considerations at play in each of these situations, and in this webinar we'll explore all of them by answering these questions:

  • How can there be so many versions of one story, how do we find the truth, and what happens if the truth doesn't matter?

  • Why is it so appealing for people to publicly shame and destroy others online? And how can understanding motivation help us respond more effectively?

  • If your organization is the focus of an attack, what steps should you take? If your organization is asked to join in on an attack, what should you do?

  • How can you persuade leaders in advance and in the moment to provide the best possible response?

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