According to Pew Research’s most recent study, almost half of organizations surveyed don’t have a social media policy. They must know their employees are likely social media users, right? So why risk operating without a robust policy to support them?

If your organization functions without a social media policy or with outdated or unclear direction for your employees, you’re not only risking a digital disaster that could harm your brand, you’re also missing out on tremendous opportunities to grow your business. We’ll cover the simple steps needed to create and implement a social media policy that will help you effectively support every member of your organization.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • best practices and most common mistakes made when creating social media policies

  • ideas for integrating multiple members of your organization in the social media creation process

  • six questions to ask when writing your organization’s social media policy from scratch

  • tips for reviewing and updating existing social media policies

What's in the course?

  • Policy Template

    Template and follow the steps to complete a social media policy for your organization

  • Response Guide

    Recommendations for creating a response plan and crisis communication

  • Webinars & Articles

    Free access to additional NISM webinars and articles are included in the course

Course curriculum