We all know how hard it's gotten to build awareness and engage potential customers--especially when you're a smaller company without a big marketing budget. But what if there was a way to generate interest in your solutions simply by tapping into what motivates buyers at an emotional level and "hooks" them?

Jake Atwood, CEO of BuzzBuilder, will share little-known "Psychology Hooks" that he and his clients are using to reach qualified prospects via email, social media, their website, and more. By adding these hooks to your existing messaging, you'll supercharge your communications and increase your conversion rates.

Here's a small sample of what you'll hear:

  • Why prospects don't actually care what you do, and what REALLY motivates them to listen to you

  • How to leverage "social science" to create irresistible messaging

  • A simple 3 sentence email that generates up to 10X more qualified leads than traditional email marketing

  • How to use Psychology Hooks to get more click-throughs from your social media posts

  • How adding "tension" to your messaging will improve your conversion

Course curriculum

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    1. How to Use "Psychology Hooks" to Create Irresistible Messaging & Increase Engagement

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    4. Free Sales Tools

    5. Best Practices for Subject Lines

    6. Email Template

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