Are you heading into the last quarter of the social media year asking yourself why you haven’t reached your goals yet? Or are you planning your new goals for 2022? Then join us for this webinar on setting better goals for your organization and your personality. We will be talking about different goal setting frameworks that will add to your SMART(ER) goals. Topics of this webinar will include:

  • The importance of goals in social media and business

  • What makes a GG (good goal)?

  • How can we set (and implement) better goals?

  • What frameworks work for which situations and personalities?


for NISM Certified Social Media Strategists

Certified social media strategists will earn 1 continuing education credit after listening to the recorded webinar and successfully completing the course quiz!

Course curriculum

    1. Make it SMART(ER): Goal setting for 2022 (recording)

    1. NISM Events on Facebook (Upcoming)

    2. All NISM Webinars (Past and Upcoming)

    3. Handout: SMART(ER) Goals for 2022

    4. Worksheets_SMARTER Goals

    5. Cheat Sheet_CLEAR

    6. Cheat Sheet_GROW_Identifying Obstacles

    7. Cheat Sheet_H A R D

    8. Cheat Sheet_OKRs

    1. Webinar Quiz

About this course

  • $7.99
  • 10 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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