Have you considered how low-cost guerrilla marketing can fit into your organization's strategic plan? Entrepreneurs have been reframing the traditional 4Ps of promotion, product, pricing and place into a focus on solutions, access, education, and value and seeing results. We'll talk about how to move away from a traditional advertisement-based marketing approach and explore new and unconventional marketing practices, identify niche markets, and apply a customer-focused lens to create a dialog-generating marketing message has proven successful for entrepreneurs.

  • Reframe the 4 P's and focus on the SAVE model

  • Discuss the value of early adopters and niche markets

  • Explore ideas for customer-generated content and integrated messaging


for NISM Certified Social Media Strategists

Certified social media strategists will earn 1 continuing education credit after listening to the recorded webinar and successfully completing the course quiz!

Course curriculum

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