Months can pass between when a student is accepted into a college or university program and when they actually begin their courses. How can you keep them interested in their education? How can you use the time to learn how to best support their success?

An increasing number of institutions are turning to private, internal programs or public social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with students in their own environment. These tools can be used to share information and promote discussion, but they can also be used to better understand students, their expectations, and what they need from the institution to be successful.

Holly Tapper, SMS, Director of Online Operations at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, and Dr. Amy Jauman, SMS, adjunct professor and Chief Learning Officer at the National Institute for Social Media will share the following insights related to staying connected with incoming students:

  • Public tools and resources that can be leveraged by educational institutions to stay connected to students like Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Internal tools that support discussions between prospective students and college/university staff as well as each other

  • Setting community guidelines and managing negative content

  • Analyzing conversations to uncover themes that will support student success

  • Choosing content that engages students and drives important conversations

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    1. Keeping Interest: Engaging with Higher Ed Candidates Between Acceptance and Start

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