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“Digital detox”, “social media burnout”, “social exhaustion” are only a few of the headlines associated with mental health struggles social media users and social media professionals encounter. Being online all the time, working in a fast paced and stress heavy environment, and struggling with opinions and information from all different sides can take a large toll on the personal and professional well-being of individuals.

In this class we want to encourage you to dig deeper into your mental well-being and start your journey of more social happiness. In 10 videos you will learn:

  • about the struggles social media professional encounter

  • how to address these issues

  • which systems may help you to foster good work and/or social habits as well as relieve stress from everyday work

In addition you will be able to schedule a one-on-one online coaching sessions of 60 minutes each with Magdalena Schürmann, Social Media Strategist and Coach, to find solutions for the mental struggles you encounter in your work environment in and around social media.

Make the most of your social happiness to bring the positivity and energy you want to your social presence.

Course curriculum

    1. Outline Module 1

    2. Struggles of Social Media Professionals

    3. Social media hot-air balloon

    4. Struggles of Social Media Professionals

    1. Outline Module 2

    2. What is stress and what does it do to you?

    3. PSS Stress Test

    1. Outline Module 3

    2. Social Media and Stress - How do they relate to each other?

    3. Article Social Media and Stress

    1. Outline Module 4

    2. Stress escalation - How burnout emerges

    3. Clean out the obligations

    1. Outline Module 5

    2. Self-reflection on everyday stress

    3. Tool for your stress status quo

    1. Outline Module 6

    2. Tools for social happiness

    3. SWOT analysis for social media tools

    4. Building your community

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 33 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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