Comparison stress, political stress, and FOMO are hot topics. Is our time on social media doing more harm than good? As more and more research shows the negative consequences of social media, people are more closely monitoring their time online. But what can people who work in social media do to stay healthy? In this webinar, we’ll look at the current research related to the effects of social media on our personal and work lives, as well as what social media professionals can do to stay positive.

  • Social media research related to use in our personal and work lives

  • Practical self-care tips for social media professionals

  • Ideas for healthy choices for social media use in your private life

Course curriculum

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    1. Taking Control of Social Happiness: Personal and professional choices for a positive social media experience

    1. Handout

    2. Rich Habits (book)

    3. The Cost of Caring (article)

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