With tight budgets and a growing proliferation of tools and techniques to get messages out there, PR pros are increasingly faced with tough decisions on where to put their resources. Only by figuring out what really matters, and then developing specific metrics to measure the programs, can the right choices be made. If you've ever wondered how to measure social media, public relations, media relations, and your other programs, join us on (fill in date here) to learn from "the queen of measurement", Katie Delahaye Paine, author of Measure What Matters, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit and Measuring Relationships. You'll discover the tools, tips and techniques to prove the effectiveness of your social media and public relations programs and how to set measurable objectives. While many people may perceive measurement as a boring, dry topic, Katie consistently leaves her audiences not just informed but entertained. Her talks are a balance of storytelling (including case studies) and practical how-to advice, so attendees can confidently put good measurement programs into practice right away.

  • Develop your Kick Butt Index – the first step to accountability

  • Define the benchmark

  • Measure outputs, outtakes, and outcomes

  • Select the right measurement tools

  • Getting to the “a-ha1” moment – extracting insight from your data

  • Measure PR’s impact on your reputation and your relationships

Course curriculum

    1. Stop Doing Stupid Stuff: Using PR Measurement to Make Better Decisions(recording)

    1. NISM Events on Facebook (Upcoming)

    2. All NISM Webinars (Past and Upcoming)

    3. Handout: Stop Doing Stupid Stuff :Using PR Measurement to Make Better Decisions

    1. Webinar Quiz

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