Our work as digital marketers spans across a vast landscape of platforms, channels and strategies. Tracking the effectiveness of a tactics can be challenging when data is coming in from a variety of sources and dashboards. UTM code is an excellent way to imbue our links with information that helps organize and define our efforts. This webinar will help clarify what UTMs really are, what they do and how to implement them into a digital strategy. Attendees will leave with the skills and specific actions to integrate UTM codes into their marketing efforts.

  • What UTMs really are and what they do

  • The different components that make up a UTM code

  • Best practices to get the most out of UTM strategies

  • Tips for how to integrate and track UTMs into a digital marketing strategy

Course curriculum

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    1. UTM 101 + Best Practices

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    3. Handout

    1. Webinar Quiz

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